Key Seven–Formula for Success

These Six Keys for Effective Ministry, I believe, will be a major blessing to you as you minister the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have personally proven their value and validity in my own life.

I would like to close by giving you a Three Step Formula for Success in applying these principles to your life and ministry.

I learned the several years ago from a great man of God and they’ve proven valuable many times over.

If you’ll apply these truths seriously, you’ll have success in every area of your life and ministry.  Nothing can hold it back from you.

Every Christian endeavor, no matter what it is, will succeed when it is backed by this kind of prayer and dedication because God Himself is behind it.

One— Find the will of God in your situation by prayer and meditation in the Word.

God’s word is his will. 

Consult with other man of God as needed to clarify your thoughts.

Whatever may be involved, find God’s plan.

Two–Once you have determined what the will of God is, confer no more with flesh and blood!

Don’t seek any more advice.

Don’t hesitate!

Just look to the word and stand firm on it.

Three -Get the job done and all costs!

If God has called you to do it, then with God you can do it!

You’re capable of doing anything the Word says you can do.

Put God’s Word first place in your life and let it be the final authority.

All of heavens resources – the almighty God in Christ, Jesus of Nazareth and all the Host of heaven – will ensure that you succeed.

Published by

Dr. Larry L Yates

Dr. Larry L Yates is a Minister, Author and Bible Teacher with Doctorates in Theology, Religion, and Ministry. He is President of Mineola Bible Institute as well as a member of the Board of the International Apostolic University-London, in the UK. He is the author of numerous books on apostolic theology, prayer, and healing.

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